We desire to be good neighbors to our surrounding community.


Like other churches and synagogues in the community, All Peoples Church aims to be a good neighbor and an asset to the neighborhood.

  • Churches throughout the world are located within residential communities and are often seen as important community partners. All Peoples Church takes this responsibility seriously and will continue its tradition of giving back to the community through service, partnership, and investment.
  • The church will be a welcome place for all to join in services.
  • All Peoples Church will work with the community to provide space to meet community needs, including making the basketball gym available for youth sports and providing meeting space for community groups.
  •  All Peoples Church will actively support local businesses, schools, sports leagues (e.g. Crusaders soccer), and community causes and events (e.g. Lake Murray Fireworks Show)


All Peoples Church has communicated with the community throughout this process. Since the church purchased the property, we have consistently shared information about the project and our process to gain approval through the City of San Diego.

  • All Peoples Church and their project team have met fourteen times with the Del Cerro Action Council and Navajo Community Planners over the last two years.
  • The project has been through three review cycles with the City of San Diego and a fourth submittal will be made soon. Project plans and comments from city staff have been provided to the Navajo Community Planners at each cycle.
  • The church has also hosted four meetings with adjacent neighbors to address issues specific to their properties
  • The church has been responsive to community input received and has made changes to the plan as a result.


All Peoples Church is committed to making The Light Project a positive addition to the community, improving the current conditions of the site.

  • This property has long been vacant and has attracted issues with homeless encampments, litter, and potential fire hazard. All Peoples Church will be an active steward of the property, ensuring that it is well-maintained, attractive, and safe.
  • The Light Project has a quality architectural design in the Mission style to reflect local history. The largest elements of the project have been located away from homes and closer to the freeway.
  • The Light Project will have far fewer traffic impacts on the community than the housing development on the site would have. The project will have minimal traffic during the week, and a new traffic signal at the entrance to the church will ensure
    that church traffic is directed away from the neighborhood (with the exception of church members that live in the community).
  • The project has been designed with ample parking to ensure that street parking will not be an issue.
  • The Light Project will improve storm drainage on the site.
  • An environmental review conducted by the City of San Diego found that the project will have no unmitigated environmental impacts.

You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.