What are the project goals?

Our bottom-line goal is 100% engagement from our church family spiritually and financially as God leads.

What is the spiritual vision?

  • A Light to the City: Greater engagement with the lost and the poor
  • A Light to the Nations: More churches planted in unreached areas
  • A Light to Generations: For God to empower our church to reach the Millennial Generation and younger

What is the Light Project Financial Goal?

The Light Project is a multi-million dollar project.
Over the course of several years we will raise approximately $7 million dollars.

How much will the building cost?

We estimate the building project aspect of the Light Project to cost approximately $12 million. Although the final plans are still in development and some legal fees may adjust the budget, this is the current estimate from our construction partners.

What about debt / financing?

We are committed to simplicity and stewardship. Therefore we have a commitment for our church to not go into operating debt. Operating debt (debt to pay the bills) is different than using debt to purchase an asset (like land). Land is a very valuable asset in Southern California.

Who is involved in the project?

Hamann Construction will be constructing the building. Also, we are currently working with a land-use attorney and other advisors as we steer the building through city approval.


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You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.