The Light Project is about the future of All Peoples Church – it will provide a permanent
home for the church, allowing All Peoples Church to become a light to the city, a light to
the nations, and a light to generations.


The Light Project is proposed on a 5.6-acre vacant parcel of land in the Del Cerro community on College Avenue at the intersection with Interstate 8. Like other churches and synagogues in the community, All Peoples Church aims to be a good neighbor and an asset to the neighborhood. Churches throughout the world are located within residential communities and are often seen as important community partners. All Peoples Church takes this responsibility seriously and will continue its tradition of giving back to the community through service, partnership, and investment.


The project consists of:

  • A 900-seat sanctuary (similar in size to St. Therese Catholic Church)
  • 12 classrooms for Sunday school and church programs
  • 363 parking spaces (parking structure and surface parking)
  • A basketball gym to serve youth and the community
  • A prayer room
  • Outside space for fellowship and coffee

The large majority of the church’s activities occur on weekends and will not affect weekday peak period traffic. During the week, activities will include church administration, bible study, youth group meetings, meetings, and church training sessions.

Community Outreach

All Peoples Church has been committed to engaging the community throughout the approval process. Regular presentations have been made to the Del Cerro Action Council and Navajo Community Planners, and several meetings have been conducted with neighbors adjacent to the project.

A number of changes have been made to the plans in response to community input. These include:

  • Revising the site plan to relocate the parking garage closer to College Avenue
    and away from adjacent homes
  • Replacement of selected parking spaces with enhanced landscaping to avoid
    potential visual impacts on adjacent neighbor
  • Enhanced landscaping on property line adjacent to surface parking to address
    potential visual impacts